How to use information on Xes Therapy

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Date 2022-12-09

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Writings on the homepage include information on Xes Therapy. You are recommended to only make reference to the information uploaded on the homepage rather than apply to real life situations or make them as your knowledge. 


Conventional information on sex mostly focus on physical aspects of sexuality and direct sexual actions. They may look plausible and and relevant, but they are usually useless or temporary at most causing problems in the end. They also contribute to developing sexual dysfunctions by inducing xes wounds in men. Do not blindly believe them. 


Sexuality is the root source of mind energy that generates women's love and men's passion. All sexual problems occur when sexuality is interpreted as information on sexual actions. Distorted interpretation and application of sexual information leads men to develop diverse physical problems as well as sexual dysfunctions. 


Writings uploaded on the homepage of Xes Therapy also include conventional information on sexuality for reference. Some people may perceive them as information on sex rather than as information on xes. You can just make reference to all information on sexuality you encounter. 


Trying to apply information to yourself or your partner in real life situations may cause adverse effects. 



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