Men who got divorced or separated due to sexual dysfunction

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Date 2022-12-11

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Many people get divorced, separated, or break up with their partner. 

It is common to find that people who got divorced or separated have sexual issues.  

Many men suffer from stress and sexual dysfunction and women suffer from wounds.


Women may develop frigidity or orgasmic disorder due to wounds in mimind. Some women may develop abnormal psychology and pursue sexual pleasure, They may get involved in infidelity. 


Men may develop sexual dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation or impotence caused by stress. They may develop abnormal psychology and become sexless or pursue sexual pleasure. They may get involved in infidelity. 

Women's wounds and men's stress cause either sexual dysfunctions or pursuing sexual pleasure, both of which are manifestations of abnormal psychology. 


Experiencing divorce or separation cause psychological disorders and sexual dysfunctions in men. 


Men who get divorced or separated need to treat sexual dysfunctions. 


Xes Therapy provided by Korea Institute of Psycho-education guides men to remove xes wounds and stress in mimind and stabilize psychology. It adopts an innovative and highly effective treatment method based on the Theory of Mimind. 


It is hoped that men who got divorced or separated will treat sexual dysfunctions, build true sex ability by changing the body and the mind, and build happiness ability. 



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