Men who suffer from sexual dysfunction but want to build true sex ability

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Date 2022-12-12

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Many people mistakenly associate sex ability with sex techniques. Sex techniques are only a very small part of sex ability and they are major cause of sexual dysfunctions.  Most men who look for sex techniques are considered to have sexual dysfunctions. 

When you understand the operational mechanism of human mind and sexuality, you will be able to build the most powerful sex ability that does not require any sex technique. When you treat sexual dysfunctions and xes wounds in the right way, you will also be able to build true sex ability.


Xes Therapy guides you to accurately understand the operational mechanism of men's and women's psychology, become considerate in the sexual relationship, and and build the ability to control erection, duration, and ejaculation, thereby being able to have the most powerful sex ability. 


The treatment of impotence results in erection and duration or erection, and the treatment of premature and delayed ejaculation results in the control of ejaculation. 

You will also learn how to communicate and interact with the partner enhancing true sex ability. The ability you build through xes therapy is internalized in your unconscious, so it lasts for a long time without conscious efforts. This way, you will naturally build true sex ability as you treat sexual dysfunctions.  

Building sex ability consciously causes sexual dysfunctions and aggravates psychological problems. It is imperative that you build sex ability unconsciously. 


Xes Therapy guides men to build sex ability and happiness ability as well as treat sexual dysfunctions. 


It is a revolutionary and a highly effective method of treating men's sexual dysfunctions. 



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