Things to consider when you start Xes Therapy

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Date 2022-12-15

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There are a few things to consider when you start Xes Therapy.  

1. You must have a strong will to treat xes wounds and sexual dysfunction and build happiness ability. 


Only you yourself can treat xes wounds and sexual dysfunction and build happiness ability. No expert can control or adjust your mimind and xex mind. Depending on other people for the treatment of sexual dysfunction only aggravates the condition.  


2. You must stop taking other therapies for treating sexual dysfunction before starting Xes Therapy.


Medication, surgery, diet, physical training, and meditation aimed for treating sexual dysfunction only grow xes wounds and aggravate sexual dysfunction. It may also lead you to justify yourself and aggravate the condition.


Carrying out other therapies and Xes Therapy together may lead to even more severe sexual dysfunction. 


You may take medication along with Xes Therapy upon consultation with the manager of KIP when your symptoms are severe. 


3. Contents of the videos provided for public and contents of Xes Therapy and Mind Training are completely different. 


Mind Training included in Xes Therapy is based on  the Theory of Mimind. It guides you to accurately understand the operational mechanism of human mind and psychology to treat xes wounds and build happiness ability. Videos provided by KIP open to public are about the results of application of the mechanism and not about the actual contents of Mind Training.


Developing dependency may make you feel comfortable temporarily, but it only grows xes wounds and aggravates sexual dysfunction. 

Please, take precautions.


4. You must follow the guideline provided by Xes Therapy 


It is easy to develop arbitrary interpretation during taking Xes Therapy since you must proceed with all the tasks on your own. Then, it may slow down the treatment process or even aggravate your condition in some cases, which may eventually make you give up on the treatment. 


You must proceed with the course only in the way you are guided.


5. You will experience changes in your body as a natural process of treatment. 


Many men get confused about changes in their body during the treatment process. You may feel better or even worse temporarily as xes wounds are treated. Some men feel healthy and comfortable, so they begin arbitrary interpretation and think that they can do without finishing Xes Therapy. They may even apply they restored sexual functions in real life situations.  


You must keep in mind that you are still in the process of treatment and have not completed the process in that case. You must continue the treatment process gathering up your will power until you complete the treatment xes wounds and sexual dysfunction and build happiness ability. Then, you will be able to live happily without suffering from sexual dysfunctions and psychological problems ever again.


Xes Therapy is a self-treatment method that guides men to treat xes wounds and sexual dysfunctions and build happiness ability on their own.  It is a powerful treatment method whose efficacy supported by many successful cases. 




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