Please, continue with the training until complete cure.

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Date 2022-12-15

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It is important to continue with the training tasks until you treat sexual dysfunctions and build sex ability and happiness ability.


As you treat sexual dysfunction to a certain degree, you will recognize that your body and mind are stabilized and you will feel comfortable. However, it does not indicate that you have built sex ability and happiness ability yet, and sexual dysfunction and psychological problems can recur. Giving up with the training half way will make all your efforts so far useless.

You must keep in mind that sexual dysfunction can relapse anytime before you are judged for complete recovery. 


Sexual dysfunctions occur when xes wounds are accumulated, so you must stop accumulating xes wounds by forming the right habits taking a certain period of time. You will keep treating xes wounds and form habits of treatment through Xes Therapy.


It must also be noted that sexual dysfunction cannot be treated by activating one's conscious will since it is caused by xes wounds, which are not recognized in the conscious.


When you finish the program and are judged for complete cure, you will have healthy body and mind and be able to generate passion and happiness on your own for the whole life time.




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