Changes I experience in the process of Xes Therapy

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Date 2022-11-29

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I am repeating Mind Training the second time. I am repeating chapter 1 and 2 and training tasks. 

I was quite stressed until I repeated it the first time. Now, I can see that all other chapters are derived from chapter 1 and 2, which cover the basic concepts such as moods and feelings, the pursuit of happiness, and the difference in the operation of mimind and xesmind.  

I feel less stressed than before and it is quite interesting to apply the contents to daily life. 


<The current strategies for doing tasks : I added some strategies to make it interesting>

(1) I write journals before I go to bed : Apply the contents of Mind Training to what happened during the day. (Example : My boss got angry. - He was trying to remove stress and protect his mind. )

(2) I think beforehand how I would interpret when applying the contents of the video I am about to watch. Then, I write and try to understand the points I might have missed watching the videos. I summarize each point matching Mr. Kim's interpretation and  points in the textbook. 

(3) I continue with tasks.


* Please, let me know if I am doing anything that goes against the direction of the program. 


The following are what I am experiencing these days physically and psychologically.


(1) My morning erection used to be intermittent before, but these days I feel morning erection everyday and it continues longer and feels harder. 

(2) I used to have insomnia before taking the treatment, but I easily fall asleep and haven't had dreams for 2 weeks. 

(3) I used to feel energetic and excited when I had sexual desire and many xes wounds, but these days, I feel a little relaxed and and have much less sexual desire. 

(4) I used to buy sexual services at least twice a month. I tried not to do it because it was too costly, but always failed. I never bought sex services for 6 months from March to September and I have no desire to do so. 



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