To check for my initial intention

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Date 2022-12-01

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                                                                            *This review was written by a training member of Xes Therapy*

I am writing this review to check for my initial intention. 

The early stage : 

I was filled with self-blame, pain, despair, rage, and then, I begged and then, quarreled. I couldn't contain my rage  and displayed rage toward my wife and children.  

I tried to find out what my wife did and solve practical problems without being able to think right. 

I suffered from extreme stress and I felt that something was wrong with my physical condition. I didn't know that it was panic disorder and I had a psychological disorder. 

I only tried to have my wife change. The more counseling sessions I had for individual counseling or couple counseling, I felt worse and worse. I thought that the counselor was acting like a judge instead of a mediator. 

The beginning of the treatment : 

I learned that counseling didn't help and I didn't know what to do. I learned about this program through Youtube, and decided to take it and just started. I thought I was betting quite big for my life. I thought that I could stop my suffering at least by starting this program. I wanted to become normal and happy again. I wanted to get out of this living hell. 

1 year into the program : 

I had difficult time because i couldn't focus very well. I, who don't even like reading, drew lines on the textbook. My emotions went on a roller coaster, but I gradually learned about the Theory of Mimind. I wanted my wife to learn about, so we participated in the Therapy Tour. Of course, we still had fights during the tour. 


I repeated the whole course in the second year. I talked to myself, and wrote on the board for myself. My new habits repeated coming and going. It was a new world to me and I felt myself changing little by little. I began to feel comfortable and could see how others were doing. It was like I had been blind and began to see things. My emotions were stabilized and I could smile sometimes. This was something I couldn't even imagine at first. I was still a mess, but I desperately wanted to recover. 


It is too bad that off-line seminars stopped due to the pandemic situation. I wanted to take my wife to the seminar.


2 years into the program : 

I seem to have lost my initial intention. I seem to have lost my will power. I have spent my money and time for this program. Now, I am not doing much for my recovery. The clock is ticking, but I am just staying at the same place. 

Should't I recover at all costs and have to reach my wife? I can't just live and die as a caterpillar. Where is my yearning to become a butterfly and share my happiness with my wife?

I can do it. Just keep your initial intention. It sure is difficult. I can't just do nothing like this. I must get out of the cave. I must practice and overcome. 


I have lived a regrettable life before. I should not live a life I will regret anymore.  

I will never give up, never. I can become a happy person again and protect my family. 

I hope that I will be in the third stage of new habits at least. I will not stay in comfort and I will focus again.

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  • Posted by STFM

    Date 2022-12-01

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    Spam Many people start KIP Treatment Program after trying diverse practical measures to solve problems and realizing that nothing works and their condition only deteriorates. They start with a strong will power at first, which is referred to as the initial condition.

    As time passes after they start the treatment, they feel comfortable and their psychology is stabilized. They may keep feeling pain but the pain is not as severe as before. Then, some may begin to stay in comfort without working further for progress.

    You must try to keep your initial intention and continue self-check for progress until you achieve complete cure.

    You seem to understand the process of treatment well. Please, read your reviews and gather up your will power whenever you cannot focus on the tasks.
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