If I had not taken KIP Treatment

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Date 2022-12-20

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I am writing this review 16 weeks after I started the treatment. 

I had never imagined that my wife could have an affair even when we had conflicts, had fights for different reasons, kept distance from each other. 

I found evidence here and there and my whole life had collapsed. Everything was in vain, and I felt my heart literally shrank. I suffered from pain and sorrow and I imagined what I was not supposed. 

I searched and searched on the internet for relevant materials. I got immersed into videos and writings about infidelity. I accidentally viewed videos of Mr. Kim. He said  the cause of infidelity is relationship addiction. He also said the victimized spouses had to treat post traumatic stress and protect children, and then give the spouses in infidelity an opportunity to treat themselves. I was not to take any practical measure. 

I kept watching Mr. Kim's videos for days and nights. I cried and blamed myself, and then I decided to  take the KIP Treatment Program. 

I thought that I should be able to spend the expense for my treatment since I had 40 to 50 years of life ahead of me and I didn't want to live in pain for the whole time. My children had even longer time for their life and I wanted to protect my children. I was willing to spend the time and money if I can recover and save my children's life. I thought I would treat myself and give my wife an opportunity to treat herself. I didn't want to lose the chance.  

I visited the KIP office and made payment. I got the textbook and started the treatment with training videos, therapeutic tasks, reference materials, and self-check on progress.  I was surprised at the change in my body and mind week after week, which I could have never imagined. 

It was the astonishment only those who have experienced would know as many members say.


I have come 16 weeks now listening to the recording and doing therapeutic tasks. If I had not listened to Mr. Kim's explanation, had interrogated and argued with my wife, had tried to solve practical problems, had taken psychology counseling, had done everything you are not supposed to do for the last 16 weeks, I could not have recovered, could not have children smiling at me, and would have lost hope. 

I do therapeutic tasks everyday thinking that I will treat myself, protect my children, and restore a happy family . 

I can keep my will power thanks to the short encouraging remark upon self-check on progress every week. 

I have suddenly burst into tears. I hope it won't delay my treatment. 



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  • Posted by STFM

    Date 2022-12-20

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    Spam Most members start the program in the similar situations as yours. They all start with a strong will and initial intention. However, many people give up on the treatment for different reasons, and some choose the path of destruction. You have chosen the path of happiness and have made efforts for 16 weeks.

    You yourself have chosen to restore happiness and protect your children.

    Many people have doubt on the program and even criticize it. However, anyone who have made efforts for their treatment knows that it is a highly effective treatment program.

    You will experience the process of building the ability to treat yourself and the ability to be happy on your own. You will achieve complete cure and live a happy life regardless of external factors. Then, even the negative past experiences will be transformed to happy memories.

    you seem to have stabilized your psychology by finishing the first phase of the program.It will take 1 to 3 years to achieve the ability of prevention and treatment, and the happiness ability as well as complete cure.

    Please, continue with your effort for all the tasks until complete cure.
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