Now I understand a little in 1 year and 9 months after I started the treatment.

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Date 2022-12-22

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I couldn't understand at all when I first listened to the voice recording of Mind Training. 

I didn't like it very much and I thought I didn't have to listen again after I listened to it once. 

I didn't do self-check on progress for quite a while but I thought I was OK since I was doing other tasks. recently, I started self-check on progress and I am listening to the voice recording again. 

I try to listen to it without thinking too much. I listen to it whenever I have time. I find it quite interesting and I can understand better this time. 

I still can't understand all the contents. 

It says that accurate understanding is important for treatment. I still don't understand what it means by accurate understanding. 

I guess I am afraid that I will despair when i face negative responses even when I seem to accurately understand. 

I am afraid I will get hurt even more if I get hurt when I think I am OK. I wonder if I can treat myself even when the situation is absolutely devastating.  

Sometimes, I feel bored that i have to keep listening to the recording and doing therapeutic tasks. So I just do them without focusing well. 

After all, I will keep making efforts. 

I know so well that I have recovered this much because I chose to treat myself as if I hung on to the life boat and kept hanging on to it. 

I definitely want to open a road of happiness for myself and my children. 



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  • Posted by STFM

    Date 2022-12-22

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    Spam Many people have doubt on the non-contact self-treatment without psychology counseling. However, psychology counseling only aggravates psychological disorders.

    You can treat post traumatic stress and other psychological disorders on your own with the help of KIP Treatment Program.

    You will be able to build the right habits and happiness ability as you keep working on the tasks.Of course, it takes some prolonged time to build this ability.

    You must also try not to make arbitrary interpretation in the process.

    Please, continue with your efforts, and soon you will achieve complete cure.
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