I didn't know about myself.

Posted by STFM(ip:)

Date 2022-12-22

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I didn't know about myself at all. 

I was proud of myself. I didn't know that women and mean have completely different operations of mind. 

I am learning a lot about human psychology and relationships through Mind Training. 

I now know that everyone's thoughts and feelings are different. 

I couldn't focus on the treatment as much as necessary because I was under great stress. It has been 7 months since I started the treatment. 

I feel lucky that I am doing KIP Treatment. 

I had panic disorder, eating disorder, sociophobia, amnesia, and claustrophobia. 

My wish was to eat at first, but now I like eating and I am gaining weight. 

I think that focusing on work without developing addiction and being careful with relationships with people is important. 

I should be careful since I have not fully recovered yet. 

It is confusing and painful but I am determined to make myself healthy and intact. 

I never imagined that treating myself would be this difficult. 

I thank Mr. Kim and all the staff at KIP. 



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  • Posted by STFM

    Date 2022-12-22

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    Spam Many people think light of the treatment but it necessarily involves making efforts for some prolonged time. You will only live a destructive life living with all the detrimental conditions without proper treatment.

    You seem to understand that how important human relationships are. Accurate understand leads you to treat your condition and build prevention ability.

    You will be able to recognize that you are being treated and stabilized.Your body and mind will change for the better and you may be surprised at the positive change.

    by now, you must know that the top priority is to restore yourself and become a happy person. Then, you can live happily with your loved ones.

    You are not completely cured yet, so you will experience comfort and stability as well as the recurrence of the symptoms.

    Please, keep your initial intention and read your own writings to gather up your will power. Keep hope and make efforts continuously until you achieve complete cure and happiness ability.
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