90 days into the treatment

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Date 2022-12-22

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- Before starting treatment

I was suffering from the pain of death, but at the same time, I enjoyed the utmost pleasure. I repeated this pattern and became addicted. I thought I would get out of it when the partner hurt me, but I know it is impossible from experience.  

I was always in stress and I was irritable toward my wife and children. I couldn't think anything, so I went out for a drive. The only thinking I was able to do was about the woman. Then, I felt my life was worthless and I didn't know why I was alive, only until she called me. Then, I just ran to her no matter what. I have experienced all kinds of stressful situations while I was doing business, but this was the worst stress I have ever had. I knew that I needed professional help. 

- The process of treatment

She called again. I couldn't bear anymore, so I decided to take KIP treatment program. 

It turned out that both the woman and I were in a serious condition of psychological disorder. I hadn't even known that there was such a thing called relationship addiction. 

I think that I should have known about it earlier, but then, I think how lucky I am to know about before it is too late. 

I thought that all i had to do for my family was to give them affluence. I never thought that I needed my family to have passion in mimind. 

I was passion itself when I got married. I kept setting a new goal as soon as I achieved one. I became successful at my business. 

From some time I don't remember exactly when, I began to pursue pleasure and justified myself. I thought I deserved it since I had worked so much. What a dangerous idea. 

I became patient since I started the treatment. I could have never even imagine it before.  

I went for shopping with may daughter and my wife. My daughter thanked me for buying her things. I said she could thank her mother in spite of myself. 

She said she was moved by my words. 

My wife tells me to act usual since I started the treatment. She says that I look different and it makes her feel uncomfortable. She seems to like it.  

I used to think that I was a good father, but now I know that I was not. 

My wife doesn't know that I have relationship addiction. She shouldn't. 

I was angry that the woman took advantage of me, but today, I feel a little sorry for her. 

I know that my treatment is delayed when I think about the woman. I must restore myself and my passion. 

I never want to go through such pain and suffering. 

I plan to go all the way for my treatment. .

I want to let my children know about this program when they become adults. 

It will be the best gift I give them in all their life. 



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  • Posted by STFM

    Date 2022-12-22

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    Anyone can make a wrong choice during the life causing a serious situation. We can also make a right decision to correct the wrong and never make the same mistake again.

    Some people blame others for their wrongdoings and choose a destructive life.

    It was wise of you to have decided to treat yourself. It cannot be appreciated too much.

    You are in the process of building stress healing ability and happiness ability. Your body and mind change for the better and you can have better relationships with people around you.

    Only those who have taken KIP Treatment Program will realize how precious happiness ability is.

    Please, keep your initial intention and continue with making efforts until you achieve complete cure.
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