The first review : Gathering up my will

Posted by STFM(ip:)

Date 2022-12-23

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It has been 1 year and a half since I started the KIP Treatment Program upon my wife's recommendation. 

I neglected doing the tasks making all kinds of excuses and repeated stopped and resumed the treatment. 

I am writing this review so that i can read later 


Before the treatment 

I was confused and distracted since I was stressed a lot at work. 

I was overworking for a long time, and I panicked upon a phone ring. I knew that I was not healthy mentally. 

I wanted to succeed economically, so I read books and gathered information for self-improvement, which exhausted me further. 

I also tried to maintain gll relationships with everyone and had many meaningless so called networks. 

During the treatment

At first, I was busy understanding the basic concepts. I also wanted to teach other people about the new concepts.  

I felt special about myself for studying soemthing not known to other people. I was proud of myself. 

I guess I was taking the treatment to impress other people instead of really treating my condition. 

Now, I am focusing more on my treatment being helped by my wife who was judged for complete cure. 

i aim for healthy body and mind. I will keep focusing on tasks.

I know that I have to finish within another 1 year and half. 

I really have to focus this time.



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  • Posted by STFM

    Date 2022-12-23

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    Spam Many people start the treatment since they are suffering so much. They usually try to avoid the suffering by getting immersed into pleasure. You seem to have started the treatment with some special feelings.

    It was wise of you to choose to treat yourself in the right way. It was too bad that you neglected the treatment and made arbitrary interpretation in the process. It happens a lot when you feel comfortable after you start the treatment.

    Quite a long time has passed without complete cure, but you can gather up your will and continue with making efforts. You still have a chance especially when your wife is helping you. You will be able to build stress healing ability and happiness ability soon if you keep making efforts.
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