Walking on the road to happiness

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Date 2022-12-23

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I was utterly shocked at the accidental finding and I suffered from excruciating pain. 

I was looking for solutions and Mr. Kim's saying hit me hard.  

He said that post traumatic stress deteriorated unless properly treated.  

I would destroy myself and my family in my own hands.  

I had to treat myself and restore happiness to protect children.  

Then, I could give my wife an opportunity to treat herself.  

I concluded that I needed treatment after watching hundreds of videos.   

 I remember crying so much when I was writing my first review after 16 weeks of treatment.  

I had less and less pain and my body felt healthier.  

I was crying the tear of gratitude for guiding me in the right direction.  

It was also the tear for my choosing the right treatment and making efforts. 

I felt some qualitative change through a consultation in 56 weeks of treatment.  

My treatment is divided into one before the consultation and one after the consultation. 

Before the consultation, I restores my body and mind.  

however, I felt the fuzziness like knowing one moment and not knowing the next. 

I still have thirst left.  

I could see clearly after 1 hour of consultation.  

I could see what i wanted in my life.  

Now, I have a stronger will and I am working hard for recovery. 

I would recommend the consultation to all men who are taking the treatment.   

64 weeks of treatment. 

I am writing the second review.  

The memory of suffering is only vague. I feel that everything is fine.  

I can start the day with vitality. I work with passion and go to bed feeling happy.  

This sense of power. Those who have it will know what it is like. 


I have not achieved complete cure yet. 

I know I have problems left to be treated. 

So I am making efforts. 

I could not even imagine myself I see today when I first started the program.  

I am on the road to happiness now. 

I am sure that i will reach the land of happiness in the end. 




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  • Posted by STFM

    Date 2022-12-23

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    Spam Many people suffer from post traumatic stress of psychological disorders, but only few people choose to treat in the right way. Most of them destroy themselves and people around them and live an unhappy life.

    I was wise of you to have chosen to treat yourself and restore happiness.

    Your review shows how you have changed and how you are doing.
    You seem to be doing really well.

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