The journey of finding myself

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Date 2023-04-06

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     I didn't know anything. I didn't know that my wife was collapsing from the pain and that my children were collapsing from anxiety. I didn't know where I was headed 

and didn't care about my family. I only sought my own pleasure. My wife asked me for help just this once, so I began Mind Training. Then, I learned that I was living like a 

hungry hyena instead of a human being in the condition of relationship addiction. I am changing little by little. I used to be dependent on alcohol, I used to be violent, and I 

used to explode at the smallest trigger of stress. I used to neglect my family and hung out with friends and women for fun. I don't do them any more. 

     I paid too much for not knowing about human mind and psychology. My wife and children are doing better, but I still have a long way to go. I have to keep studying 

and making efforts. I felt much better from taking Mind Training, but I still had difficulties that could not be explained.It turned out to be issues of sexuality. I thought one 

of major causes of my problems was about sexuality. 

     Thus, I started taking Sex Therapy for Men. I kept being surprised as I took Sex Therapy for Men. It turned out that i didn't know a thing about human sexuality and 

had such distorted ideas about sexuality. It was a whole new world to me, and I learned so much about the fundamental mechanism of human sexuality. I learned about 

how expressions in relationships can have adverse effects, and how we can manage sexuality in a healthy way. I feel so light and unburdened after taking 10 weeks of 

Sex Therapy for Men. I know why I was so stressed all the time. I can manage my stress by myself. I don't envy men who are wealthy and successful anymore.  

     I have the ability most men don't have and all men would want to have. I am proud of myself for choosing the right direction in my life. I feel fulfilled and happy 

without having sex, and I have this passion for my career. I feel healthy and energetic. I plan to study more about about human mind and sexuality. I know that I will keep 

pursuing values of life with passion and vitality. I also want to let other men know about the program and help them learn what I have learned. 



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  • Posted by STFM

    Date 2023-04-06

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    Spam Most men believe that they know so much about human sexuality and they are confident about their knowledge on sex.
    It is almost impossible for men to admit that they have distorted knowledge on sexuality. Admitting your lack of knowledge
    is the starting point of building true sex ability.

    Sex ability has the highest value in men's life which exceeds the financial value. It is a pity that most men use their sex ability
    only for pleasure and destroy their body and mind. The wealthiest man in the world cannot but envy the man who has true
    sex ability. You deserve to be proud of yourself now.

    Past experiences of trials and errors become precious assets for men who make efforts in the right direction.
    They can be much better off than people who never had such trials and errors. The most important thing here is your
    will power that keeps you going in the right direction.

    Men who have true sex ability can have great positive influence on other people and the whole society.
    Families will be restored leading to a healthier society. You will be one of those who can lead men, families,
    and the society in the right direction.

    Best wishes.
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