I should lose one to gain one.

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Date 2023-04-06

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I realized how stupid I was while I was taking Sex Therapy for Men. 

I was destroying myself and people around me. 

I believed that I was able and superior, and I had the highest pride for myself.  

All my kind and gentle gestures for women. 

All the parties I held and all the dinners and drinks I bought for women. 

All my pretentious attitudes based on my pathetic knowledge.

All of them were nothing but for my own pleasure. 

All of my relationships with people existed for pleasure and only pleasure. 

I was sweating badly digging my own grave. 

I was so sensitive to the smallest trigger of stress. I simply couldn't stand people who seemed to despise me. 

I attacked everyone who got in my way of seeking pleasure. I wouldn't see them ever again. 

I never forgave people for even the smallest error at work.

I was the most generous gentle man for women and showed all the possible attention to them. 

I couldn't stand women suffering from any difficulty, but I couldn't care less about difficulties of men around me. 

I would so good at ignoring may family's pain and suffering. 

I was so good at exploding when my pleasure seeking was impaired. 

I basically lived only for my own pleasure. 

I firmly believed that I has the greatest sex ability and I was so sexually attractive. 

Now I know a little bit of truth. 

I was living the worst life a man could live.  

Now I know what true sex ability is and what true charm is. 

I learned about true love for family, a man's true happiness, and the pursuit of values of life. 

I learned that I should lose one to gain one. 

No one can have both. 

When you decide that one has much higher value than the other one, you just have to discard the other one with no second thought. 

I will keep working on Sex Therapy for Men and let others know that there is the way of happiness anyone can take.  



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  • Posted by STFM

    Date 2023-04-06

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    Spam You seem to have clearly understood what men's true sex ability is.
    You could learn it very quickly since you lived a life that is exactly opposite of having true sex ability.
    You have all the he first hand experiences on what not to do in life.

    You have made a right choice for you and your family. All your experiences have become precious assets.
    You deserve to enjoy happiness with true sex ability now.

    When men discard sexual desire, they can have everything.
    It is not losing one and gaining one, but losing one and gaining many and all entering the virtuous cycle.

    As you understand the operational mechanism of human mind and sexuality, you can just keep going in the right direction.

    Best wishes.
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